Guitar Servicing based in Bedford

I really want to help your Guitar play at it's best and offer a number of servicing options to help you achieve this.

From a string change to full re-fret to hardware and electronics upgrades please take a look below.

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String Change & Clean

A string change is also a good opportunity to clean into the hard to reach places and inspect for any underlying issues:

  • Remove old strings.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Clean Fretboard.
  • Oil fretboard (where appropriate for wood type).
  • Install new strings.
  • Tune to pitch/stretch strings.

Price - £25

- Excludes cost of strings. I can provide for an additional £5
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A good setup is important in helping your guitar play the best it can.

It should be thought of as the foundation for good playability and is your guitars "MOT"

Includes everything under the "String Change & Clean" service plus:

  • *Truss Rod Adjustment.
  • **Bridge/Tremolo Adjustment.
  • Set Intonation.
  • Lubricate contact points.
  • Check frets and advise if further fret work required.
  • Adjust action (set action against the highest fret).
  • *Re-slot nut.
  • Clean electronics.
*If required
**Additional £10 charge for more complex tremolo systems (Floyd Rose for example)

Price - £55

- Excludes cost of strings. I can provide for an additional £5
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Fret Level, Crown & Polish

One of the best ways to improve overall playability is with a fret level, crown and polish.

  • The neck is straightened via the truss rod.
  • Frets are then levelled with a precision ground flat sanding beam.
  • Following this they are re-profiled/re-crowned before polishing to a high shine.
  • Price also includes a full setup.

Price - £100

- Excludes cost of strings. I can provide for an additional £5
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A full re-fret may be needed if your frets are just too worn to be levelled any further.

Maybe you don't like the size/feel of the fretwire you have on your guitar.

You can also have the fretboard levelled during this operation if there is any unevenness on it and undertake small fretboard repairs such as dealing with dents/nicks

  • Frets removed
  • Board levelled (if needed and customer requests...additional charge for Maple if re-finishing required)
  • Fretwire pre-radiused to match fretboard
  • Install new frets
  • Level, crown and polish
  • Price also includes a full setup

Price - Nickel wire - £175

- Bound fretboard - Extra £50 (binding "nibs" would be removed if they exist)
- Stainless steel wire - Extra £75
- Excludes cost of strings. I can provide for an additional £5
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Bone or Graph Tech Nut

The guitar nut is one of the most important but often overlooked parts of a Guitar.

A new nut can make significant improvements to tuning stability and intonation.

It may just be that it has worn down over the years and you are starting to get fret buzz at the first fret.

I find both Bone and Graph Tech "Tusq" two of the best materials

Price - £50

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Electronics & Upgrades

Whether you have some electrical gremlins that need diagnosing, want me to fit new pickups or one of my wiring harnesses or you want to upgrade hardware such as tuners or bridge then get in touch.

Price -£25 per hour + parts

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