• Potentiometers

    The excellent "SSS Premium" pots are custom designed by Six String Supplies and CTS to within 8% tolerance and have a smooth torque & vintage taper.

  • Capacitors

    The capacitors are currently N.O.S Mullard Mustard type and individually tested to adhere to specified tolerances.

  • Switches and Jack

    Toggle switches are made by Switchraft and blades by Oak Grigsby.

    All jack sockets are made by Switchcraft.

So what is 50's wiring then?

Simply put, 50's wiring maintains more clarity in the sound when you roll down your volume knob.

With what is referred to as modern wiring, when turning down the volume the sound can become a little woolly/muddy as high frequencies are sent to ground.

50's wiring maintains these high frequencies allowing for more consistency across the volume sweep